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Hot Air Ballooning ...

A hot air balloon ride is a breathtaking 'once in a lifetime' adventure that will allow you to rise gently above the earth and leave the cares of the world behind. Experience the peace and tranquility of flying in a hot air balloon as you slowly and effortlessly drift over the New England countryside. If you're thirsty for more ballooning information, we invite you to travel around our site and click on the links to get transported to the magical world of Hot Air Ballooning.

Who We Are ...

We are DragonFire Hot Air Balloon Adventures and are located 25 miles west of Boston, MA

What a gift! Birthdays, weddings, and anniversary's will never be the same ... Allow us help make your celebration very special. We'll personalize your gift, and take care of all the details.

Champagne Flights are reasonably priced at $325 per person and Flight Certificates are available.

A Hot Air Balloon ride will not disappoint you, whether you are fulfilling a lifetime ambition or you simply have a desire to experience something completely different. We offer flights during all four seasons.

Spring, summer and autumn provide color and are wonderful times to take a balloon flight, but don't overlook winter. When the earth is covered by a white blanket of snow and trees are coated with ice, you'll discover a magical crystal kingdom ... Winter can truly be one of the best seasons to fly.

We are a first class operation and your safety is our top priority. We fly conservatively and use the best and safest ballooning equipment available.

Can you imagine yourself hundreds of feet above the ground, floating along and gently pulling leaves and pine-cones from trees?

Do you wish that you could experience the soft and gentle motions of free flight, far above the bounds of Planet Earth?

Have you ever dreamed about floating through the air and reaching out to touch a cloud?

If this is you ... Treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime and come along with us as we gently ride the winds.

What We Do ...

Join us as we ride the wind. If you can imagine what it feels like to be riding the gentle breezes like an eagle ... then you can imagine the freedom of flight in a hot air balloon.

Feel that freedom as we drift with the breeze ... our exact course and destination can never be predicted.

The anticipation you'll feel during the inflation of the balloon is an exhilarating experience in itself. As you float above fields and forests, you will be exposed to many unique photo opportunities.

While drifting over lakes and ponds in the area, you'll observe a variety of local animals including deer, blue heron, birds of prey and many forms of wildlife unique to the wetlands of New England.

We take pride in our years of experience and won't hesitate to 'tailor' our services to your requirements.

We pay attention to all of the details to make your ballooning experience a pleasure.

We are Dreamweavers and we can make your dreams come true.

The adventures with "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"

Lucy in the Sky balloon on a local flight over Acton, MA

Acton, MA
Lucy on a local flight

Lucy in the Sky balloon flying over Stowe, VT

Stow, VT
Lucy in Vermont

Lucy in the Sky flying at balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NMT

Albuquerque, NM
Lucy at Fiesta

Lucy in the sky with Diamonds flying in Castille, NY

Castille, NY
Lucy in upstate NY